14-month-old Ayden, came to us from Moracco with his mother, Chaimma and aunt, Fouzia to receive the 2-month hyperbaric treatment services from Dr. Harch.
Ayden had a near drowning experience on August 30th of last year. Chaimma states, “Ayden was in the water for almost 9 minutes and the doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival. His heart stopped for 15 minutes and then stopped again. He was rushed to the hospital and placed on a ventilator, but at 7am the next morning he was able to go off the vent and was breathing on his own!”
Ayden was discharged shortly thereafter but then started suffering seizures and soon went into a vegetative state. Chaimma heard about hyperbaric treatments with Dr. Harch, and while she waited for her visa to come through, worked with him and his staff on a series of oxygen treatments while still in Moracco.
Once here, the results were almost immediate. “He is more vocal, has better control over his arms and legs – and yesterday for the first time – he was able to roll over on his own!” This little boy has captured everyone’s heart here at the House, and we are all so grateful that our “miracle boy” is doing so well!

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