Baby Freya’s Family


Baby Freya was born at 28 weeks with a rare condition called cloacal malformation. Cloacal malformation is a condition where females are born with their rectum, vagina, and urinary tract fused together.  Her mom, Heather and dad, Jake, are from LaRose, LA whose home was 75% destroyed by Hurricane Ida.  While repairing their home, this couple had been traveling back and forth to New Orleans for medical treatment for Baby Freya, so they turned to RMHC-SLA for support.  The couple started their day here, go to the hospital to visit with Freya, then leave the hospital to handle repairs at home before returning to the House to rest up for the next day, when they do it all over.  On the weekends, the couple was joined by their other 2 children, Kash, and Knox.

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