Braxten + Brooklynn


Brittany and Seth delivered twins Brooklynn (4lbs 6oz) and Braxten (3lbs 11oz) on 7/18/2023. Born at 34 weeks, both babies were in the NICU, but Braxten also had Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) which is poor growth of a fetus while in the womb. He was rushed to the NICU immediately after delivery due to low oxygen. Brooklyn was discharged on 8/7/2023, but Braxten may have to stayed until the end of August.
When asked about the impact that the Ronald McDonald Family Room had on their family “My stay was excellent. It was great. All the staff and volunteers were great. I was severely depressed before staying at RMHC due to not being able to drive to see my babies. Being able to stay in the Family Room so close to my babies really helped.”


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