Daniel is 10 years old and was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease shortly after birth. Recently, he and his family stayed with us at RMHC-SLA because Daniel was to receive a new kidney donated by his father.  Initially, the family was scheduled to stay two weeks; however, Daniel had complications from the transplant when a blood clot was found.

As it turns out, while Trenton’s kidney was a match for Daniel, it was too large for his little body to support.  As a result, Daniel had an emergency surgery to remove the kidney.  Daniel’s grandmother, Melissa, said, “Even though discharge was sooner, the hospital stays are never easy.  RMHC is such a blessing and being so close to the hospital is a huge relief.  This stay allowed us to rotate at the hospital with a feeling of calmness.”

To see a WAFB news feature on Daniel and family, click here. 

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