Happy Birthday Sunday!



“The Stapleton family checked into RMHC on March 9, 2022, because their baby girl, Sunday, had been diagnosed with Hemangioma along with several other complications. The family is from Lake Providence, LA near the Louisiana/Arkansas border.  Sunday’s mom, Amber, had been away from their hometown since January due to Sunday’s birth and many other challenges.  She was frightened and alone most of the time because her husband, Stephen, would leave to go back home for work and to tend to their other two children.  Throughout her stay, our team supported Amber and were even able to reunite her with her other two children and family members who she had not seen in months.

Life was touch and go for Sunday for a while and I remember the day when Amber called crying uncontrollably because the doctors told her that she and Stephen had to make a decision whether to keep up the fight or to let her go peacefully.  I remember Amber telling me, “I cannot do it.  I feel like if I make that decision, I will be killing her, and she still has life”.  Amber did not make that choice, she chose to fight along with Sunday and no matter how tired she was, she did not give up.

Today, January 31, 2023, Sunday is celebrating her 1st birthday and had a recent stay at our new House for an appointment.  Sunday and the family are doing well and will forever be grateful for RMHC-SLA.” – Crystal Harris, Family Services Manager

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