Leona was born on September 22 when she was immediately  transferred to Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s & Children’s Hospital from Opelousas due to low oxygen. After being on oxygen for 24 hours and her x-rays came back hazy due to pneumonia. After her first round of antibiotics were complete, Leona was having seizure like activity due to another bout of pneumonia. Now Leona is struggling with having complete feedings and spits up more than what is acceptable.

Leona’s mom Rebekah was grateful for the opportunity to stay at the Family Room because she can visit her child everyday without worrying about transportation. Leona is able to get breastmilk everyday and it incredibly convenient to be so close to her mother.

Rebekah was happy to stay onsite in the Family Room just steps away from her daughter . “It is very helpful that meals are provided as well as having a place to stay. The employees and volunteers are amazing and helped me come out of my shell”.

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