2-month-old Myron has been diagnosed with Trisomy (Down Syndrome).  The family travelled from Loranger, LA to CHNOLA to receive the best treatment possible.  Myron was delivered by an emergency c-section, about 6 weeks before his due date. His parents had no idea there was anything different about this pregnancy/development until he was born. There is a spectrum within Down syndrome just like many other disorders, and the family is learning about how to better understand and provide care for Myron as he grows up. Mom says “RMHC has been a Godsend!  I have been able to stay and care for Myron since we’ve had car trouble, there was no way I could have gone back and forth. And his older siblings can come and stay with me and their baby brother when possible.  This would have been AWFUL without RMHC, and their amazing team who have been so caring”.

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