Raysean Jr.


Raysean Jr., born on 12/14/2015 at 29 weeks born in Lake Charles, LA.  He was able to go home Mom, Cynthia & Raysean Sr. were able to be home with their 10-month-old daughter, 14-year-old son and new 6-week-old son in time for Christmas Eve. It was a truly Merry Christmas for all. 

Over the years, Raysean and his mom, had hospital stays for one health need or another, mostly respiratory issues.  On May 17, 2023, Raysean had his tonsils & adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears.  The surgery went well but then Raysean’s throat swelled. He needed to be on a ventilator and put into a medical coma while the swelling subsided.  Mom had not seen him like this since birth.  She was able to stay in his room in the PICU.  However, there is no shower, laundry or an actual bed there, just a hospital recliner.   

Penny, her social worker mentioned the Family Room and Cynthia was ringing our door bell. Cynthia and Raysean Sr. were able to shower daily and do laundry because the Ronald Mcdonald Family Room at Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s & Children’s Hospital exists.  Cynthia was able be comfortable snuggling with her son.  Raysean Jr. was discharged on Wednesday afternoon, 5/24/23.   

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