21-month-old Tyler has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy by Hypoxia.  When he was 13 months old, he drowned in the pool.  His parents found him without any signs of life.  They performed first aid and upon arriving at the hospital, Tyler was able to be resuscitated after approximately 20 minutes.  Tyler is truly a miracle.

The family traveled from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for weekly hyperbaric oxygen treatments over the course of several months. While Tyler was here at the House, the parents noticed marked improvements in Tyler’s developmental milestones and the family spent time with several other families sharing experiences and supporting each other through their children’s medical journeys.

Tyler’s parents had this to say, “Our stay at the house has been wonderful.  We manage to be at peace even in the situation that left our family very sad with the health condition of our baby.  Really everyone here at the house acts as if we were in our own house. “

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