Team SJ Brings Comforts of Home to RMHC-SLA


Every year on or around September 18, “Team SJ” comes to Ronald McDonald House New Orleans to remember and celebrate SJ’s birthday. Born prematurely in 2012 at 23 weeks, S.J. lived only six weeks, and his parents Jessica and Scott Baker of Biloxi, MS were grateful to be able to stay at Ronald McDonald House during that time.  They’ve been returning to RMHC-SLA every year on his birthday, with a generous donation.

This year, in addition to a year’s collection of pop tabs for recycling and paper goods, they brought over $1,400 of gift cards, baby clothes, bibs, and other items for newborns for our new Comforts of Home program, where through pediatric social workers and other medical partners, we connect with families who need help with:

  • gas money or travel vouchers for travel back and forth for their child’s medical appointments;
  • help with clothes or toiletries for parents staying at their child’s bedside;
  • gift cards for meals and snacks to help defray the cost of food; and
  • RMHC Comfort bags with toys, books and games for the patient to bring comfort and joy while they receive medical treatment.

They will also be sponsoring dinner for our RMHC families the first week we reopen! A big thank you goes to the Baker family and friends, for giving back and including us in the celebration of SJ’s life!